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This has got to be the best part of my job, looking at the amazing weddings that my customers put together . Leone and Peter live and got married on Australia and we did custom sized invitations for them. Leone told me that approx 6″x8″invitations is a standard size. I send the laser cuts her way and she added her own envelopes since we don’t have that size here in the states.

Their coordinating dress and suit make me so happy. How cute are they? And it looks like they sang with the band too, looks like a super fun party to me.


Check out this lovely day after brunch. While I didn’t fully create the invitations for this brunch, I did provide a stamp with the birds icon for them to use. I created the save the dates for this wedding (more pictures on that to come) and the bride was at the end of her invitation budget so she asked if I would create a stamp for her.

She used the birds stamp on some cute canvas bags during the wedding as well. So back to this amazing day after brunch. How great is that newspaper? I just love how casual yet classy it is. Way to go guys!

All photos are by Jasmine Nicole Photography.


This wedding may seem familiar. It’s my good friend Jenny’s wedding. I have previously shared a few images here and the programs here. But these are the professional pics ya’ll. And I did a lot more than I remembered. Jenny had a Lantern Parade Garden wedding. She used my Modern Flowers Wedding Invitations without any alterations. She also used the cupcake wrappers from that suite. In addition, I created some signage and the programs on recycled cardboard. Jenny is a big defender of the environment and reusing as many materials as possible was important to her.

All images are by Tin Can Photography in Atlanta, Georgia


Sara and Justen used my Fiesta Flags invitations to go along with their bright and colorful Fiesta theme.  As my papel picado invitations are not for everyone, the Fiesta Flags invitations are a great alternative. Congrats ya’ll!

All photos by Lizzie Loo Photography in Louisville, Kentucky.


I wanted to share with you guys this awesome photo shoot I was able to be a part of. Heart of Sedona Weddings approached me to help them realize their Day of the Dead wedding photo shoot. I was ecstatic. Not only do I love Day of the Dead themed stuff, I LOVE Sedona. 

My dad and I went there when I was young and I just returned with my husband last year. It is a tiny town surrounded by red rock “mountains”. It is stunningly beautiful and a great get away for a few days to do some hiking. If you haven’t been, go.

Anyways, enough about Sedona. They just recently posted the shoot on their blog and I was blown away with how fun and sexy this shoot was. I thought you guys would enjoy it! Be sure to click through and check out all the other talented people that were involved.


So the same lovely customer that had her invitations featured in Brides Magazine sent me some photos of all of the paper we created for her big day in action.

We printed the papel picado save the date instead of laser cutting it in order to save some money. The bride chose Peacock and Asparagus as her colors and just love that. The idea of the bluish green hues on the beach with the ocean in the distance makes me dread winter. And those escort cards set up in the sand like that with the shells, just lovely. I think that’s my favorite.

All of the photos above were taken by Matt Adock of Del Sol Photography. Don’t forget you can see all of my Real Wedding photos on Pinterest and Facebook.


I just started a new board to show off real photos of my real life invitations that I have created for customers. This was such a fun twist on my Papel Picado wedding invitation suite. The bride loved my design but wanted just s few tweaks. We changed up the birds, the belly band and added a folder as well as a map created by an artist that I put in her colors.

I loved her color palette, blush, kraft and white. It was such an elegant touch to my design. You can also see a couple of photos from the actual wedding. You can see my escort cards and menus on the table. How beautiful is that table setting? I have a pretty strong feeling that this was an amazing wedding.

I had the pleasure of meeting the happy couple and I wish them nothing but the best in life. They, along with the mother of the bride were an absolute pleasure to work with that I’m a little sad that the journey had to end.


I just love seeing what fun stuff my customers do with my products. With a little help from their friends at St. Augustine Paper Co. in Florida, this couple created an elegant cupcake display using my wrappers and toppers created by the store.
Cupcakes are so great for a wedding because they’re so practical. Especially like it’s done here with the cake on top. That way the portions are already set, no one has to do any cutting and plating, and you still get a cake for the couple to take home. Besides, who do you know that doesn’t smile at the sight of a cupcake?
If you’re in the St. Augustine area, check out St. Augustine Paper Co. for great paper finds and all your wedding needs.


Now I would love to take full credit for these but my friend Jenny really had the concept and form worked out, I just designed the layout and facilitated the printing.

One of the major themes of Jenny’s wedding was sustainability. They chose a caterer that used local ingredients, they bought meat from a local farm and they tried to used recycled items whenever possible. That is where the idea for the programs originated.

A few years ago, we printed some postcards on the back of cereal boxes to help promote a company she was working for. She was only able to do this because I have a professional printer in my office that prints on thick stuff like cardboard. It looks really cool too. The way the ink mixes with the cardboard gives such a great effect. 

She knew she wanted to use cardboard as the base so she set out to collect and cut about 200 pieces of cardboard. As you can see from the second image, there were a lot of cereal boxes but she also was able to collect a lot of beer boxes and other fun gems as well. I think the silver one is a Victoria’s Secret box. She started early and so I think most of them were her own but friends contributed as well.

Jenny also knew that the weather in Atlanta in May can be unpredictable so the programs being able to double as a fan was a must. She realized if she just scored and folded them a couple of times, they magically turned into fans. Not only that, they look really cool just sitting on the table or chair.

They were a huge hit at the wedding, people were so impressed and they got to pick out the box they wanted. 


I have been pretty busy lately and usually this time of year it’s because of the National Stationery Show. But I’ve been moving my office and performing Maid of Honor duties (even though I’m technically a matron of honor). So here are a few shots of my dear friend Jenny’s wedding this past weekend. 
She made the flowers we’re holding out of watercolor paper. Can you believe it? She incredibly crafty and talented which is why we’ve been friends since high school. She even had a parade at her wedding, how cool is that?
I know that I’ll have many more amazing pictures to share but this should tide you over until then.

In other news, the office is operational so more pics to come on that too.