about-01 Avis Wampler is the founder and creative force behind Avie Designs. When Avis was born, her parents owned a cookie store in downtown Atlanta. The three of them would take the bus downtown each morning and Avis would hang out all day while her parents made & sold cookies.

This early experience must have rubbed off on her since she now runs her own company and loves sweets of any kind especially if her parents make them.

Avis received her BFA in graphic design at The University of Tennessee. Instead of pursuing a job at a design firm, she focused her attention on paper and creating a job where she would be able to do what she loves each and every day.

Naming the company was easy. Avie is the nickname that was given to Avis by her family growing up. It not only honors where she comes from but the people most responsible for allowing her dream to come to fruition.

When asked why she does what she does, Avis’s answer is simple. She likes to make things. That is why she got into art as a young child, graphic design in college and owning a stationery company as an adult. Making beautifully designed products is her passion.

Avis currently lives in Decatur, Georgia with her husband Vince and their cat Oliver.


Avie Designs is a boutique stationery company out of Decatur, Georgia. Avie Designs was founded in 2007 by Avis Wampler, a graphic designer, paper lover and child of entrepreneur parents.

Since our inaugural line of boxed stationery with hand folded, patterned envelopes, Avie Designs has grown to offer greeting cards, wrapping paper, desk calendars, wedding invitations, holiday cards and much more.

A typical day in our office includes dreaming up new products, shipping out orders and talking with our lovely customers about their needs. Every once and a while we may be stopping by some local retailers or building walls for a trade show. It’s never a dull moment.

Our goal is to create the highest quality paper goods & products that we ourselves would be proud to purchase and use.

We believe in the power of paper to bring people closer to friends and family through a hand-written note, a beautifully wrapped gift or an exquisitely, unique wedding invitation.


passions¬†We love paper, bright colors, shiny things, lined envelopes, and if we can get them all together, we’re happy.

We love the idea of a guest opening a wedding invitation and being blown away by the beauty.

We love making a bride’s invitation dream come true.

We love helping you introduce your new baby to family & friends through your holiday cards.

We love being a part of the special moments in your life.

We love meeting our customers be it in person, over the phone or even email.

We love to getting to know all about your event or life moment. We consider our customers part of the larger Avie Designs family.

Please allow us to share our passions with you.

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