napkin.placemat 1placemat1 runner6napkin2 lamp5 runner1runner4 placemat2 lamp1napkin.placemat5 lamp4I have such BIG NEWS to share with you today! This is how I like to start off a new year, with brand spanking new products. I recently designed fabric for Minted and it is finally available for purchase. (YAY!) You can even choose the fabric style, the design and the color way.

Not only that, Minted has created a few home goods out of my fabric for you. I can’t tell you how exciting is it to see something you have designed come to life as an actual product. I have always loved fabric and sewing and dreamed that one day I would be able to design my own and today is that day.

I have 2 designs available: 50’s Diamonds & Bright Hexagon. And each of those designs is available in 5 different color ways. I love how Minted has given the buyer (that’s you) so many options to really customize each product to your liking. I mean how many times have you said “I love these but I wish they were in a different color”? Minted has really got you covered.

And if you don’t already know, everything Minted does is at the absolute highest quality. So I can guarantee that these are not only the best designed home goods, they will absolutely be made out of the best, most luxurious materials. But wait, there’s more! These are super reasonably priced. The napkins are $12/each! And the lampshades range from $45-$95!

Happy New Year!